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French Polynesia Car Rental - Car Hire Price Comparison

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Facts to know before visiting French Polynesia

Thanks to the adventures of European powers in the 18th century, there are a number of Island nations that bear the names of their former colonial masters. One such island is French Polynesia. Located in Oceania, the Pacific basin, this is an island nation that is part of the series of Polynesian nations. The capital of this island is Papeete whilst the largest city of this island is Fa’a’a. The official language used in this domicile is French. Governance is via a parliamentary democracy system, and power is concentrated in the executive and legislative branches of government.

A picture of French Polynesia presented in figures is given below:

  • 1842: the year the territory became a French protectorate.
  • 4, 167 square kilometers: this is the total land mass of the island of French Polynesia. This calculation incorporates all the French Polynesia islands that are scattered over some 2.5 million square kilometers over the ocean. These islands number 130.
  • 12 %: this is the percentage of water mass within the land mass that is French Polynesia.
  • 267,000: this is the estimated population of mankind as of the end of the last decade.
  • 5.6 Billion US Dollars: that is the average GDP of this island nation as of the last five years.
  • + 689: the calling code of this island nation.

As the fifth largest economy on the Oceania basin, tourism ranks as the greatest earner of foreign exchange in French Polynesia. In this moderately developed economy island, visitors are offered a well developed financial infrastructure to make payments for necessities like car hire services.

There are a number of activities that one can do whilst in the Oceania region. These include deep sea diving, snorkeling, site seeing of the reefs, and scuba diving to name but a few.

Car hire in French Polynesia

To get around this island nation one inevitably needs the aid of a vehicle. The easiest way to possess an automobile is by getting in touch with a car rental agency. There are a number of car rental services in the French Polynesia.

Some of the car hire agencies are international car hire agencies, whilst a good number are local car rental companies.  Irrespective of the affiliation of the car hire firm you are dealing with, there is one operative word that runs through the entire car rental industry, professionalism.

Even when dealing with a cheap car hire firm, you can expect value for money when you lease your automobile. You, the client, will of course have to meet your end of the bargain. This will involve you providing the requisite deposit, paying the insurance of the vehicle and being responsible for issues such as fuelling of the automobile.  If you are ready to meet this side of the bargain, car hire firms here will be more than willing to provide you with an automobile. Hopefully, this will contribute to you enjoying your stay in French Polynesia.

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